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What Industrial Engineers Do?

In this way, they carry out their production with the motto "Minimum cost, maximum profit".     

We have given an example of this in the frequently asked questions below.

In fact, the management of every stage of production is the job of industrial engineers. Because it has a share in every stage, it often becomes material for humorous topics like the photo below:


Advantages of "Industrial Engineering"

  • You get information about many engineering fields. BUT... (see the subtitle below)
  • You learn a lot about productivity and profit, and you can use them in your own life.
  • Leadership, social skills, rhetoric, body language (don't say anything about it) even your attire is positively affected.
  • Your creative and different thinking ability and your ability to apply this ability to life will develop.
  • Because it is associated with many engineering branches ?????

Disadvantages of "Industrial Engineering"

  • Even if you have information about many engineering fields, it is very difficult for you to specialize in certain fields even as much as a student of that field.
  • You are the one to deal with when there is a problem. Because all responsibility will be on your shoulders.
  • Its education is likely to be complicated and difficult as it is associated with many engineering branches. Likewise, look at this table, it is as if you combined all the sections:

Whatever it is said, during the production phase, they ensure that a very serious business runs smoothly. What is that? EFFICIENCY They ensure the MOST EFFICIENT use of existing equip-ment, workforce, machinery, and resources.

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