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Halkapınar Mah. 1203/11 Sk. No:4 D:429 Konak/İzmir
As SD Industrial Engineering, we contribute to the optimum implementation of our customers' in-vestments with our structure to provide products in different disciplines such as mechanical assem-bly, revision, maintenance and repair, electrical - automation, test and implementation for COM-BINED CYCLE POWER PLANTS, THERMAL POWER PLANTS, GPP, HPP, WPP and ser-vices in different disciplines in this process.

In parallel with the steady growth of our country in recent years, the need for energy has increased even more and this increase has been ranked among the top in the world. While energy distribution is fully privatized, privatization efforts in the field of energy generation continue successfully. With the privatizations encouraged to provide a more competitive energy market, the investments made by investor companies are increasing day by day and this increases their ability to adapt to competition. In this process, SD Industrial Engineering contributes to the optimum implementation of our customers' investments with our ability to provide products and services in different disciplines such as piping, electricity and automation.

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