• Demonstrates the ability to meet legal requirements and customer needs,
  • Shows that environmental aspects are considered and the dangers that may be encountered are kept under control,
  • Ensures the participation of all employees in the process of making regular risk assessments,
  • Shows that the current system is constantly applicable and constantly improved,
  • Complies with the relevant parties and continuously improves this compliance,
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction through the effective implementation of the system including all processes,
  • Enables all employees to work more efficiently and comfortably in a safe environment,
  • Determines and continuously improves the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policies (HSE-Q Policy), Goals and Targets,
  • Develops and implements the Integrated Management System in order to document, implement, record process activities and project management and define controls, inputs, outputs, corrective and preventive activities for continuous improvement.

Founded in İzmir in 2014, Industrial Solutions Engineering Marketing Industry Trade Inc. realizes and implements all of the requirements of the Integrated Management System (TS-EN-ISO 9001: 2015, TS-EN-ISO 14001: 2015 and TS 18001) within construction, assembly, manufacturing and engineering services which are mainly in engineering and technological aspects. It runs these services at the address "Halkapınar Mah. 1203/11 Sk. 4/429 Kara Hasan Atlı İş Merkezi Konak/ İZMİR / TÜRKİYE". 1203/11 Sk. 4/429 Kara Hasan Atlı İş Merkezi Konak/ İZMİR / TÜRKİYE

SD INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING's field of activity; construction of buildings (factories, workshops, buildings aimed at industrial production, hospitals, schools, workplaces, etc.), project-based mechanical works, electrical and instrumentation works. Our company has the necessary technological machinery-equipment fleet along with its engineering, assembly and manufacturing staff with sufficient knowledge to provide these services at home and abroad.


SD INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING have determined, in terms of activities as an outsourced process, infrastructure, superstructure construction, installation, engineering services in field processes, non-destructive inspection services for the verification of static calculation activities and welding activities at the project stage, paint works required for mechanical, construction, electrical and instrument works, electrical works, use of heavy equipment, welding works, piping works, cleaning services, periodic measurement, maintenance and calibration services within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety legislation (by OSGB).

SD INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING is based on minimum waste and sustainable operation in ENERGY, which is the most important input of the sector, infrastructure and production activities. At the same time, it transforms waste into value with recycling studies by protecting the environment. It provides a reliable and healthy working environment with its sensitivity to the periodic controls of its employees and the use of personal protective equipment. In order to prevent occupational accidents and diseases that occur in the construction sector, it shows its sensitivity to its employees and related parties by using all technological opportunities. It provides services in accordance with the expectations of its customers and related parties by making tests at international standards at all stages of construction site activities.

SD INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING for customer satisfaction, sustainability of Environmental and Occupational Health management, eliminating nonconformity at its source aims to continuously improve with equipment, personnel infrastructure, technology and quality investments

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