Renewable Energy Sources 05EKİ
Renewable Energy Sources
With the increase of the world population, it is inevitable that the electricity we use in every field will increase in parallel with our needs. Energy consumption, which has become an indicator of de-velopment, is only possible if countries reduce their dependence on foreign production
What Industrial Engineers Do? 05EKİ
What Industrial Engineers Do?
Whatever it is said, during the production phase, they ensure that a very serious business runs smoothly. What is that? EFFICIENCY They ensure the MOST EFFICIENT use of existing equip-ment, workforce, machinery, and resources.
The Wild Cards of ERP: Industrial Engineers 05EKİ
The Wild Cards of ERP: Industrial Engineers
While the ERP sector is growing rapidly, a serious need for qualified workforce is coming along. In this field of business, the most preferred profession is Industrial Engineering. erp, industrial engineer

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